November 21, 2023


US pork exports in September dropped less than 1%



US pork exports totaled 221,140 metric tonnes in September, down less than 1% from a year ago, while export value fell 4% to US$643.7 million, according to data released by US Department of Agriculture and compiled by the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF).


For the first three quarters of 2023, pork exports increased 9% year-over-year to 2.13 million metric tonnes and climbed 7% in value to just under US$6 billion.


The United States' September pork shipments to Mexico remained well ahead of last year's record pace, increasing 17% to 89,042 metric tonnes. Export value increased 18% to US$207.6 million, the third highest month on record.


Through the first three quarters of 2023, exports to Mexico climbed 13% from a year ago to 794,354 metric tonnes, valued at US$1.68 billion. This included excellent growth in pork variety exports, which surged 31% in volume (117,945 metric tonnes) and 40% in value (US$220.4 million).


Led by robust growth in leading markets Honduras and Guatemala, September pork exports to Central America increased 34% year-over-year in both volume (9,507 metric tonnes) and value (US$29.6 million).


Pork exports to the Dominican Republic are on a record pace in 2023, with September shipments increasing 3% from a year ago to 5,785 metric tonnes and value up slightly to US$17.4 million.


Demand for US pork has rebounded impressively in Oceania, where exports through September increased 80% from a year ago to 57,615 metric tonnes, as US pork continues to retake market share from the European Union. Export value climbed 64% to $202 million. Due to market access restrictions, most US exports to the region are raw material for further processing, but value-added processed products from the US have also gained popularity in both Australia and New Zealand.


While September exports to the ASEAN region were below last year, shipments through the first three quarters of the year were still 30% above last year at 52,471 metric tonnes, with value up 7% to US$124.4 million.


The Philippines was the top destination (42,357 metric tonnes, up 22%), with Malaysia surging into the number two spot at 3,935 metric tonnes – up more than 1,500% from a year ago. Exports also trended higher to Vietnam (3,714 metric tonnes, up 43%) and Indonesia (581 metric tonnes, up 38%).