November 21, 2023


EU's 2022 cereal harvest fell 9% from 2021



An estimated 270.9 million tonnes of cereals were harvested across the European Union in 2022, according to Eurostat, the bloc's statistical office.


The amount was 26.7 million tonnes less than in 2021, the equivalent of a 9% drop.


France was the largest cereal producer in the EU, harvesting 59.9 million tonnes of cereals in 2022 (22% of the EU's total production). Germany harvested 16% of the EU total, with Poland at 13%, Spain at 7% and Romania at 7%.


The overall decline in the EU's harvested production of cereals in 2022 was driven by developments in drought-affected Romania (-32%, a decline of 8.9 million tonnes), France (-10%, a decline of 7.0 million tonnes), Spain (-24%, a decline of 6.2 million tonnes) and Hungary (-35%, a decline of 4.9 million tonnes).


There were very few countries where the overall cereal harvest increased but they included, among others, Germany (+3%, an increase of 1.1 million tonnes), Finland (+39%, a rebound of 1.0 million tonnes after a poor harvest in 2021) and Poland (+3%, an increase of 1.0 million tonnes).


The EU harvested 126.7 million tonnes of common wheat and spelt in 2022, 3.2 million tonnes less than in 2021, a decrease of 2%.


The harvested production of corn and corn-cob-mix slumped to 53.0 million tonnes in 2022, 20.0 million tonnes less than in 2021 and equivalent to a decline of 27%. This sharp fall principally reflected the adverse effects of widespread droughts within the EU.


The EU's harvested production of barley in 2022 was almost unchanged at 52.0 million tonnes as was the production of oats at 7.5 million tonnes. By contrast, rye production fell by 8% to 7.8 million tonnes in 2022.


In many regions in Europe, maximum daily temperatures during the summer of 2022 were the warmest or second warmest recorded during the period since 1991.


Heat stress, caused by these high temperatures, and drought were contributing factors to the lower harvested production of some cereals, most particularly grain corn, in a number of regions in the EU.

- Eurostat