November 17, 2023


Bird flu detected in central Netherlands, 65,000 chickens culled



Bird flu has been detected on a laying hen farm situated in the Utrecht municipality of Renswoude, central Netherlands, and authorities have initiated the culling of approximately 65,000 chickens to prevent the potential spread of the virus, NL Times reported.


The Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality (NVWA) has confirmed the presence of two other poultry farms within a 1 km radius of the affected farm. Both of these farms are currently undergoing inspection and sampling for bird flu by the NVWA. In the broader vicinity, there are a total of 31 poultry farms within a 3 km radius. All these farms will be subject to continuous monitoring over the next 10 days.


As a precautionary measure, an immediate ban on the transport of birds and eggs has been implemented within a 10 km radius of the affected farm. This restriction impacts 202 other poultry farms in the specified area. Additionally, the requirement to confine poultry in the region, which had been lifted on November 3, has been reinstated.


The transport ban extends to all birds, hatching and table eggs from a farm with birds, along with bird manure, used litter, and other animals and animal products from poultry farms, as outlined by the ministry.


This marks the first occurrence of bird flu in the Netherlands in four months this year. The last instance of precautionary measures due to bird flu was in July when a farm in Biddinghuizen had to be evacuated, as reported by NOS.


-      NL Times