November 17, 2023


Australian supermarket chain expands use of methane-reducing feed supplement to cut emissions



Major Australian supermarket chain, Coles, is set to increase the adoption of the "methane-reducing" feed supplement, Bovaer, following successful trials that demonstrated a more than 50% reduction in cattle methane emissions, Retail World reported.


Approved by the European Food Safety Authority and utilised in over 50 countries, Bovaer is now integrated into Coles' strategy to diminish emissions across its supply chain. Three Coles Finest Carbon Neutral Beef suppliers are already incorporating the supplement.


In 2022, Coles engaged in trials with prominent entities such as Mort & Co, one of Australia's leading feedlots, the University of New England, and Bovaer's manufacturer, DSM-Firmenich. The Australian trials confirmed Bovaer's effectiveness in curbing methane emissions without compromising key factors like average exit weight, total weight gain, daily gain, or feed-to-gain ratio.


Bovaer functions by inhibiting the enzyme responsible for triggering methane production in cows, breaking down naturally during the digestive process. The study also evaluated Meat Standards Australia parameters, ensuring that the meat from cattle fed with Bovaer maintained the expected high standards of taste, tenderness, flavour, and juiciness associated with Australian beef.


Coles livestock sustainability & innovation manager, Maria Crawford, expressed optimism about the trial results, emphasising that expanding the use of Bovaer aligns with Coles' commitment to emissions reduction.


This move builds on Coles' Coles Finest Carbon Neutral Beef range, launched in April 2022, which has garnered industry acclaim. The supermarket chain, known for its sustainability initiatives, further expanded its carbon-neutral offerings with the recent introduction of Coles Finest Carbon Neutral Pork.


These products are certified carbon neutral from farm to shelf in accordance with the Australian Government's Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.


-      Retail World