Aviagen® marks a significant entry into the Sri Lankan poultry market, allying with valued distributor Pussalla to introduce top-quality Ross® 308 broiler breeding stock to local poultry producers, Aviagen said.

The collaborative effort kicked off with a beneficial seminar hosted by Pussalla on October 28 in Sri Lanka. The event showcased how "Ross delivers" in heightening the success of poultry operations, strengthening their ability to empower local communities with sustainable, wholesome chicken meat.

The seminar drew participation from representatives of 21 poultry companies, collectively accounting for 80% of Sri Lanka's day-old-chick production.

During the event, the Aviagen Asia Pacific team engaged with Pussalla's valued customers, sharing invaluable insights crucial to their success in breeding healthy, high-performing and highly efficient Ross 308 birds.

Topics and speakers included:

    - Technical service manager Teerapon Teerasin emphasised the significance of good uniformity in broiler breeder production;
    - Technical service manager John Tchang explored feeding management strategies during the laying period and beyond;
    - Poultry nutrition specialist Venkatesh Gunasekaran provided an update on the Ross 308 Parent Stock nutrition specification.

Ross brand manager Larry Blackstone said: "We were thrilled to welcome Sri Lankan producers and offer insight specifically tailored to their unique needs. We look forward to a rewarding journey of "Breeding Success Together" with Pussalla and their esteemed customers."

"The Aviagen speakers did a superb job covering the Ross 308's overall performance with facts and figures and offering sound advice for maximising its potential," said Dilshan Wewita, managing director of Pussalla Meat Producers Pvt Ltd. "Our customers were also impressed with the high broiler chick numbers produced by the Ross 308."

"Our Nelna team is proud to have been part of the Ross 308 introduction seminar," said  Asanka Nanayakkara, director of Nelna Breeders Pvt Ltd. "We gained valuable insight into the importance of nutritional enhancements for optimal performance and recognised the impressive genetic potential of the Ross breed in our pursuit of reaching 188 eggs and 154 high-quality chicks per hen housed."

"The insightful presentations revealed significant improvement in the genetic potential of the modern Ross 308 in each and every critical point of the value chain — from parent stock performance up to the final yield," said Neil Suraweera, chief executive officer and executive director of New Anthoney's Farms Pvt Ltd.

"With the support and expertise of the Aviagen team, I am confident we will together to overcome obstacles, achieve our goals and continue to thrive together," said Noordeen Sefhwala, CEO and director of Noorani Estates Pvt Ltd. "We look forward to the exciting journey that lies ahead as we work together to reach new heights of achievement."

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