November 16, 2023


Major Swedish egg producer ordered to cull entire flock amid salmonella outbreak



Sweden's largest egg producer, CA Cedergren, which accounts for nearly 1.2 million chickens, or 20% of all laying hens in the country, has been ordered to cull its entire flock by authorities due to persistent salmonella outbreaks, ABC News reported.


The Swedish Board of Agriculture, having exhausted attempts to cleanse the hen houses at CA Cedergren, made the decision to cull all the chickens. The facility has experienced recurring salmonella outbreaks over the past year, prompting the authorities to take decisive action.


The precise number of chickens slated for euthanasia remains unclear, and there has been no immediate response from CA Cedergren regarding the directive.


This is not the first time the company has faced challenges related to salmonella. In April, all deliveries from CA Cedergren were halted after the bacteria were found in the farm's packing room. Subsequently, in August, a significant culling of 340,000 chickens occurred following the discovery of a salmonella infection in two hen houses.


Marie Lönneskog Hogstadius, spokesperson for the industry organisation Swedish Eggs, assured that ordinary consumers would not be directly impacted by the culling. Eggs from CA Cedergren had primarily been directed to the food industry, where they underwent heating processes to eliminate any salmonella. The treated eggs were used in various products, including prepared meals and powdered eggs.


-      ABC News