November 14, 2023


BioFeyn collaborates with Nord University for aquafeed development



Boston, United States-based biotechnology company BioFeyn has announced a strategic partnership with Nord University to develop an advanced delivery mechanism for aquafeed that targets efficient nutrient delivery to aquaculture-raised salmon, SeafoodSource reported.


BioFeyn, founded in 2019 and backed by a US$5 million capital investment from industry players such as Katapult Ocean, SOSV, Agfunder, and the Kuok family, specialises in nutrient optimisation in aquafeed.


Using nanoencapsulation, the advanced delivery mechanism for aquafeed system coats essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals in naturally derived compounds, ensuring improved digestion, absorption, and bioavailability. This innovative approach aims to enhance animal health and growth while minimising the environmental impact associated with nutrient acquisition and release.


By reducing the required amount of high-value ingredients, such as omega-3s, BioFeyn aims to alleviate environmental pressures linked to nutrient sourcing and decrease pollution from unused nutrients released into the environment. Nord University, situated in Bodø, Nordland, Norway, has a robust aquaculture programme closely integrated with the nation's salmon aquaculture industry.


The collaboration aligns with BioFeyn's approach of partnering with leading universities, with previous collaborations including Harvard Innovation Labs, University of Oxford, Tufts University, and Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.


The company emphasises the significance of translating lab work and innovations from nanotechnology and delivery science into practical applications for animal health. BioFeyn's commitment to advancing biomedical innovations for various species underscores its dedication to optimizing core technologies.


In recognition of its innovative contributions, BioFeyn was honored with the 2022 Norwegian Seafood Innovation Award, accompanied by a NOK 100,000 prize.


-      SeafoodSource