October 25, 2023


Chinese aquaculture farms redefine operations with modern technologies

An eFeedLink Exclusive


China's southern region, which is most suitable for shrimp farming, is the most economically developed region in the country.


However, it has limited land resources for farming and the water quality there is questionable. Equipment at shrimp farms in the region is outdated, leading to more disease outbreaks Hence, the consensus is that farming South America white shrimp farming would be difficult.


In recent years, several local shrimp farms have ventured to apply precision farming technology and green development models, as well as unmanned operation and smart farming.


In February this year, a 300-acre prawn farm in Shantou City, Guangdong, ushered in innovative changes. Shifting from a more manual form of management, the shrimp farm implemented one-stop digital upgrading and transformation solutions. Each shrimp breeding pond is equipped with an intelligent water quality monitoring system, controller, freshwater system and real-time monitoring of parameters such as water temperature, pH value and oxygen levels in the pond.


These applications help to realise enable synchronous management and online/offline multi-mode operation control to achieve systematic breeding, boost shrimp production and detect the source of diseases during an outbreak in the shrimp seedling population.


Another aquaculture producer, this time based in Putian City, Fujian Province, built six buildings for fish and shrimp farming, with a water circulation system capable of sieving off residual feeds and shrimp faeces to ensure clean water quality. Additionally, managers can perform 'online-based' shrimp farming while also utilising a system to monitor and adjust water temperature, pH value and dissolved oxygen. In case of sudden changes in water conditions, the system will send an early warning signal and automatically adjust corresponding indicators.


Offshore, mariculture farms are also implementing the intelligent aquatic management solution.


Based off the shores of Fujian Province, Dinghai Bay No. 1 is an intelligent mariculture platform that allows managers to view real-time data such as seawater pH and salinity, equipping them to understand the growth of large yellow croaker and other fish at a glance.


In the context of depleting marine resources, the development of mariculture has become the key approach to improving aquaculture production and the quality of aquatic products. It is expected that in the near future, intelligent mariculture will attract more investments.


- David Lim, eFeedLink