Hamlet Protein recently sponsored the China Sow and Piglet Conference in Qingdao, China.

The event was attended by nutritionists from leading swine producers in the country, and provided an opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities in today's swine market.

Eugene Li, technical manager (APAC) at Hamlet Protein, presented on soy protein use in young animal nutrition. Citing research from China Agricultural University and other renowned international institutions, he focused on oxidative stress in weaning piglets and protein requirements in starter and pre-starter feeds.

Dr. Yu Feng, regional director (APAC) of Hamlet Protein, said: "As China has opened up for national travel and allows for the hosting of trade shows and seminars, the sponsorship of the Sow and Piglet Conference allows us to show our commitment to the Chinese pork industry and strengthen our relationship with our customers.

"Hamlet Protein is part of a global company. We are proud of our partnership with this event. The conference allows us to share knowledge and insights acquired around the world with Chinese producers, so we can learn from each other and jointly improve our nutritional solutions every day."

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