July 11, 2024


Morocco to see potential spike in poultry prices



Morocco's poultry prices are expected to jump significantly in the coming days, sparking concerns among farmers and consumers alike.


The National Association of Broiler  Chicken Farmers (ANPC) highlighted its concern on July 8, urging the government to intervene and investigate potential speculation in the raw materials market. This anticipated price surge stems from a confluence of factors, notably including economic pressures, speculative practices, and summer heat that have all contributed to the rise in production costs.


The situation threatens the livelihoods of small farmers and risks putting a strain on household budgets, particularly for those who rely on chicken as a staple protein source.


The ANPC recently met with Morocco's Competition Council to address the rising cost of essential  poultry farming supplies like chicks and feed. Despite a global decline in these raw material prices, their local prices remain stubbornly high.


The association blames this discrepancy on potential speculation by companies within the supply chain.


"These unjustified increases are squeezing farmers and will inevitably lead to higher chicken prices for consumers," warned the ANPC. "This is especially concerning during the summer months when  poultry farming is already more challenging."


A scorching summer heat in Morocco adds another layer of complexity. Maintaining optimal farm conditions during this period comes at an additional cost, further pressuring producers and potentially impacting overall farm productivity.


Farmers are not the only group to have raised concerns about the price hike.


Rising costs threaten to erode national purchasing power as chicken is a cornerstone of the Moroccan diet, especially for low-income households. This could lead to a shift towards less nutritious and potentially less affordable food options.


The situation also risks destabilising the poultry market in Morocco. A potential decrease in supply due to struggling farmers, coupled with steady or rising demand, could create shortages and further price fluctuations. This scenario could open the door for increased poultry imports, impacting domestic production.

- Morocco World News