July 11, 2024


Canada Beef gets $5.8 million government funds to promote Canadian beef internationally




Canada's Federal Agriculture Minister, Lawrence MacAulay, announced over $6 million of support funds for the Canadian beef industry on July 8.


Canada Beef will receive over $5.8 million for market development and promotion. The organisation plays a key role in market development worldwide, with offices in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, and Hong Kong.


The president of Canada Beef, Eric Bienvenue, said Canadian beef is a world-class product, and the funding will support initiatives that increase awareness of the value proposition of Canadian beef and veal exports to customers worldwide.


"We've been working in the different Indo-Pacific regions," said Bienvenue. "The Gulf region is a market that we're going to be looking at, obviously, we're in great despair to get our China market to reopen soon. Europe will be another market that we're going to be focused on, and probably the Southern African market in the next few years."


Canada Beef has been working on various initiatives in the Indo-Pacific region, which has become a key market for the country.


Bienvenue said the federal funding will be used mainly for market missions, trade shows, seminars, brand and marketing initiatives, benchmarking retail and foodservice promotions, digital marketing, consumer marketing, world cuisine development, marketing materials, building events and working with trade commissioners abroad.


Statistics show the value of Canadian beef exports has increased over the years, going from $2.7 billion in 2018 to over $5 billion in sales in 2023 to 56 countries.


- High River Online