July 11, 2024


Chicken meat price in Lahore, Pakistan, spikes significantly



The price of chicken meat has risen sharply in Lahore, Pakistan, and other major cities of Punjab, reaching nearly Rs485 (US$1.74) per kilogramme.


This increase comes a month after Eid when people consume more mutton and beef.


Local traders reported that the broiler chicken meat price climbed to Rs483 (US$1.73) per kilogramme. In three days, it increased by Rs99 (US$0.36) per kilogramme.


The surge in prices is due to higher demand and disruptions in the supply chain. Traders explain that following Eid, residents return to eating chicken, boosting demand.


The wholesale price for live broiler chicken is  Rs321 (US$1.15) per kilogramme, ProPakistan reported on July 10, and the retail price is Rs333 (US$1.19) per kilogramme.


Despite the rise in chicken prices, egg prices have stayed the same at Rs250 (US$0.90) per dozen.


- ProPakistan