July 11, 2024


dsm-firmenich launches Sustell shrimp module




dsm-firmenich has recently launched a shrimp module for Sustell™, allowing shrimp farmers to map and reduce the full environmental footprint of their operations, and meet environmental sustainability targets.


The module is the first-ever online life cycle assessment (LCA) platform tailored to commercial shrimp farming. It offers on-demand environmental footprinting for shrimp production of all stages, from hatchery to nursery, to growout, in addition to a feed module which is a critical contributor to LCA in any animal farming system.


The module was developed in collaboration with Grupo Almar from Ecuador, one of the top five global shrimp producers who will be applying this technology across their farms as they look to deliver on their sustainability ambitions.


Wolfgang Harten, general manager and chief operating officer of Grupo Almar said, "When we partnered with dsm-firmenich last year, we knew we wanted to implement technologies that help us improve the environmental sustainability of our shrimp production. We knew when we chose Sustell™, we would be able to go beyond measurement by taking ownership of our full environmental footprint, and now, with the new module for shrimp, we are able to take our sustainability efforts one step further."


"With the introduction of a specific module for shrimp in Sustell™, shrimp producers now have the platform available to conduct full lifecycle assessment at scale, ensuring a strong return on investment and providing credible and accurate footprinting," said Louise Buttle, Sustell™ lead for Aqua & Global Key Account Manager at dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition & Health. "Sustell™ unlocks new value opportunities for producers, from improving farm productivity to eco-labeling and sustainable finance, for example. Sustell™ for shrimp demonstrates our commitment and continued innovations to further develop the sustainable production of seafood from aquaculture."


Backed by ISO certified methodology, Sustell™ is a SaaS life cycle assessment (LCA) solution for animal protein.


Sustell™ provides the food value chain with a science-based approach to collecting farm data, measuring the environmental footprint, and mapping a course for further sustainability of the animal protein industry.

- Aquafeed.com