July 10, 2024


France resumes campaign to encourage ASF-prevention actions




France's Ministry of Agriculture is renewing its prevention campaign to protect the country from African swine fever (ASF).


The campaign addresses the relevant parties to dispose meal and pork leftovers in closed garbage cans to prevent consumption by wild boar. These parties include international transporters, seasonal workers, and nature users. When transporting pigs, transporters should ensure their vehicles are cleaned and disinfected after unloading.


Additionally, owners of pigs in French overseas territories must avoid any contact between their animals and pork-based foods from Haiti or the Dominican Republic, where ASF is present. They are also banned from importing from these two ASF-infected countries.


Under the campaign, any suspicion of disease on a farm should be reported to a veterinarian and any wild boar found dead in the wild should be reported to the SAGIR network.


Furthermore, the campaign is an opportunity to remind those traveling to and from Germany of the essential measures to be taken to avoid importing the ASF virus into France.

July 1, 2024/ Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty/ France.