May 26, 2022

Adisseo's AdiLab promises top-notch feed analysis


An eFeedLink Executive Talk

The Adisseo Laboratory Services (AdiLab) was launched in Singapore last March to provide various feed-related services and reduce Adisseo's dependence on third-party services.


"By being independent from other third-party labs, AdiLab provides customers with faster turnaround for Adisseo's Precise Nutrition Evaluation (PNE) platform and feed enzyme testing services, coupled with a higher flexibility in receiving a larger number of samples," Dr. Bing Guo, regional scientific and technical head (APAC) at Adisseo, tells eFeedLink.


Dr. Guo shares more about AdiLab Services and the role it plays in Adisseo's overall business activities.


Dr. Bing Guo, Adisseo's regional scientific and technical head (APAC)


Please tell us more about AdiLab. What features does the hub have to improve services in relation to Adisseo's Precise Nutrition Evaluation (PNE) platform?


Dr. Guo: AdiLab is a fully functional integrated laboratory supported by validated lab processes. It provides various services such as:


    - Nutritional value evaluation of feed and raw materials through Adisseo's exclusive PNE platform;

    - Feed enzyme activity testing (including NSPase and phytase);


    - Mycotoxin quantitative analysis;


    - Raw material and feed quality assessment.


Speed and accuracy will be the top priorities of AdiLab, thanks to different near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) machines and local database availability.


High-tech fast mycotoxin readers and feed quality instruments will ensure prompt response to all customers in need of quick and insightful information to make urgent decisions about the safety of their feeds.



Who are the key customers of the services of AdiLab?


Dr. Guo: All our partners in the Asia Pacific will benefit from AdiLab. PNE services will be the top priority for global and regional customers, many of whom are among the top 20 feed compound producers in our industry.


Other services, such as enzyme activity, mycotoxin analysis, and raw materials and feed quality assessment will be available for  both the global/regional key accounts, and all medium-sized and small-sized customers who do not have an internal laboratory or are seeking suitable alternatives to third-party labs.


How would AdiLab align with Adisseo's business direction and goals?


Dr. Guo: The acquisitions of Nutriad in 2018 and FRAmelco in 2020 have established a stronghold for Adisseo in the feed additive specialty market.

Therefore, AdiLab plays a key role in further strengthening Adisseo's position as a one-stop solution provider. It will better serve our customers' needs, with direct and prompt feedback and test results. A wide regional and accurate database, together with a comprehensive market analysis, will be the core of AdiLab's value and success.


The top three considerations for engaging AbiLab's services are:


    - Better decision-making in the procurement strategy of raw materials;


    - True nutritional value evaluation for optimal feed formulation;


    - Accurate risk assessment in terms of safety and quality of raw materials and feeds.

Customers who face challenges in assessing raw materials will benefit from AdiLab. It is enhancing direct engagement between Adisseo and these customers, providing a great opportunity to maximise the use of products such as Rovabio and Selisseo.


With the safety management of raw materials and feeds, products like Oxy-Nil, Mold-Nil and Unike, will be at the core of the solutions provided to our customers. How does AdiLab stand out from other peer competitor services?


Dr. Guo: AdiLab will become the first technical services network of its kind in the industry, especially for feed enzymes and PNE services.


Our technical services network includes our Singapore headquarters, regional laboratories managed by Adisseo local offices and external laboratories that work with our customers.


This network allows Adisseo to have two levels of technical support to customers in the region: high-level support that is conducted in cooperation with the lab at our headquarters in France, for complex matters and research purposes; and medium-level support, provided by local staff, for quick responses to general needs.


Such a structure will position AdiLab at the centre of technical services and in connecting customers in the region to Adisseo's European headquarters. New, customised technical services and innovative quality analysis methods will be developed based on the vicinity of the new lab to local requirements.


In what way will the services provided by AdiLab be important to the market?


Dr. Guo: AdiLab is equipped with state-of-the-art technology required in the field, and it is run by a team of highly qualified, competent and dedicated employees with enthusiasm to support customers in all segments.


Our team can provide fast, accurate and insightful support to the optimisation of feed formulations without compromising feed safety while also maximising animal performance.


One of Adisseo's advantages is our adaptability to fast-changing market conditions like increased costs of raw materials and quality variability. Thus, AdiLab is the best option for anyone seeking professional technical support. 

 - Terry Tan, eFeedLink