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Adisseo and Entobel have agreed to initiate a R&D collaboration to better understand and enhance insect rearing performance and the nutritional requirement of insects, specifically, the black soldier fly.

By evaluating the adaptation of existing solutions, both companies aim to improve production of insect meal, with a focus on the performance of the insects and the quality of this protein meal. They also place emphasis on the controlling of ingredients used to feed insects and their complementarities with important feed additives, like methionine and enzymes.

Insects are promising nutritional alternatives since they are an excellent bio-converter of waste and co-products inedible with humans or livestock, Adisseo said. Insects can use all type of substrate to grow, with different feed conversion ratio and mortality. This variability of substrates will require specific knowledge and a different combination of additives.

The success of insect production and its adoption by Adisseo's customers will depend on its competitiveness, volume availability and quality over time.

Thus, there is a need for transformation in the rearing process based on optimal growth performance for insects and producing meal and oil with good nutritional values — whatever the type and quality of the raw material needed to feed insects, Adisseo added.

"We can consider that insect today is at the same stage than poultry nutrition was decades ago, and much improvement have yet to come," the company said.

Entobel's expertise is in insect production and processing, and it is one of the most agile industry players in the area of insect production in Asia with more than two years of production at its current site in South Vietnam.

Entobel has demonstrated the firm stability of its feed formulation and thus was considered "the perfect partner" for further optimisation with Adisseo's additives.

"Thanks to its expertise in animal nutrition, amino acid requirements, animal digestibility and NIR ingredient analysis, Adisseo is the perfect partner to improve competitiveness on insect meal and oil production," the company said.


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