Angel Yeast has recently released its 2023 corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, which highlights the company's mission and vision, advancements in international expansion, intelligent and digital strategies, patent development, social responsibility efforts and initiatives for employee growth and development.

In 2023, the company continued to promote cleaner production and lowered all energy consumption and pollutant emission indicators. Its overall energy consumption per unit of product has decreased by 0.9% year-on-year, while cutting 190,100 tonnes of carbon through various actions.

Angel Yeast has also increased investment into environmental protection and optimised existing treatment facilities. It has conducted full installation of energy-saving equipment and implementation of energy conservation technologies, as well as implemented waste heat and pressure recovery. As such, the company has achieved its energy-saving and carbon reduction goals.

Additionally, Angel Yeast is actively monitoring its environmental impact by employing manual lab testing, commissioned monitoring and online methods to track wastewater, exhaust gas and noise emissions.

The company places a high priority on employee safety and well-being, conducting 1,623 safety training sessions for 104,481 attendees and 609 emergency drills involving 22,313 participants last year. Furthermore, Angel Yeast is committed to social welfare, demonstrated by passing the ECOVADIS social responsibility accreditation in December 2023, the company said.

In 2023, Angel Yeast invested US$83.31 million in R&D, marking a 12.5% increase from the previous year. The company applied for 1,367 patents across various fields, holding 159 valid invention patents in China and 106 overseas, alongside 180 utility models and 58 design patents.

Technological advancements in yeast strain selection, high-efficiency fermentation and complex enzymatic digestion enabled a 20% reduction in salt usage.

"We cannot grow the company without social responsibility," said Xiao Minghua, general manager of Angel Yeast. "Angel Yeast will continue to uphold (its) mission to develop biotechnology and innovate through delivering high-quality products and services, creating greater values for our customers and giving back to society through public welfare programmes."

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