April 18, 2024


New emissions calculator empowers Australian egg farmers tackle carbon footprint


Australian egg farmers now have access to an emissions calculator designed to evaluate on-farm carbon emissions and explore reduction strategies, launched by Australian Eggs, a leading research and development organisation for the industry, Australian Eggs reported.


This initiative follows a recent carbon footprint study commissioned by Australian Eggs, aiming to assess emissions and climate impact across the egg industry's supply chain, establish benchmarks, and identify opportunities for emission reduction.


According to Rowan McMonnies, managing director of Australian Eggs, as the industry expands, efforts to minimise environmental impact become increasingly crucial.


The study revealed that compared to other animal-protein industries, egg production boasts one of the lowest carbon footprints, with significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions per kg than pork, lamb, and beef.


Head researcher Mary-Frances Copley highlighted effective mitigation strategies identified in the study, emphasising the importance of formulating diets to reduce reliance on high environmental-impact feed commodities and implementing improved land management practices.


The newly introduced emissions calculator is tailored for egg production, enabling farmers to monitor on-farm emissions and identify areas for improvement to achieve lower-emission production.


McMonnies said that the calculator allows farmers to compare their carbon footprint with industry benchmarks, facilitating a deeper understanding of individual farm performance and areas for enhancement.


The calculator covers various production systems, including rearing, cage, cage-free, and free-range laying, as well as feed milling, grading, composting, and upstream feed production.


To utilise the calculator effectively, producers will need to provide production data, records of purchased inputs, such as grid electricity and feed, alongside tree planting data and general farm information.


-      Australian Eggs