April 18, 2024

China Choline Chloride: Prices remain at historic lows (week ended Apr 15, 2024)

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Feed producers were cautious while the livestock markets stayed soft. Choline chloride producers stood firm on prices, which were at historic lows.


Export prices of 50% choline chloride and 60% products stayed at US$0.51/kg and US$0.56/kg respectively while those of 70-75% liquid products were  unchanged at US$0.66/kg.


In China, transacted prices of 50% choline chloride were in the range of RMB3.67-3.85/kg and those of 60% choline chloride were stable  at RMB4.03/kg. Prices of 70%-75% liquid products inched higher to RMB4.75/kg.


Sales of choline chloride will be limited as feed producers stay cautious. Nonetheless,


Choline chloride sales are projected to stay weak amid cautious mood. However, prices are unlikely to move lower at current lows.

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