Nutrient utilization for sustainable beef production

Yoshinobu Nakatsuji, Regional Nutritional & Health Solution Manager – Ruminant, DSM Nutritional Products Japan


In beef cattle production, requirement of feed to produce kg of beef is higher than other species, so considering more effective nutrient utilization is key for sustainability. Also, prevention of some disease is important. We introduce our unique micronutrients for utilization.


Unique blended essential oils (CRINA Ruminants)

Essential oils are steam volatile secondary compounds, be natural flavors and also fragrances, they're part of a plant's natural defense system, and they're usually terpenes or phenols. They show antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. CRINA Ruminants is a blend of essential oil compounds. It is scientifically formulated to improve rumen fermentation and also to improve the productivity and utilization of protein. It will keep rumen health to prevent rumen acidosis, ruminal tympany, etc,, and finally improve daily gain in beef cattle.


Calcidiol(25-hydroxyvitamin D, HyD)

Calcidiol(HyD) is already applied for poultry and swine to improve calcium metabolism, litter size and immunity. Recently it will be applied for beef cattle and reported to increase carcass weight. HyD promotes gene activation to improve cell differentiation, more muscle and more carcass.


Amylase (RumiStar)

Exogenous amylase is applied for dairy and beef cattle. RumiStar is a pure amylase and breakdown starch into oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharides will be energy source of cellulolytic bacteria in rumen – cross feed. It leads to improve fiber digestion and finally decrease manure.


Combination use

Recent scientific reports suggest that the combination use of essential oils, calcidiol and amylase will increase feed efficiency and be environment friendly in beef production.


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Article made possible through the contribution of Yoshinobu Nakatsuji and DSM Nutritional Products Japan