Addressing a tumultuous 2020 from an animal nutrition perspective


Just late last year, there were signs that China's ASF situation was stabilising and that the disease was being effectively controlled. No one would expect that China would face a bigger challenge in January – COVID-19. The longer-term effects of COVID-19 on the feed and livestock industry globally are still being assessed by industry experts, with the disease continuing to spread far beyond China. With or without these disease threats, the ongoing US-China trade war would continue to bring uncertainties to the global feed and livestock industry. Societal pressures on the industry relating to climate change and sustainability also continue to grow into 2020.

The big question in light of these global uncertainties: How could animal nutrition continue to support livestock producers?

eFeedLink addresses these topics in an upcoming technical forum campaign, starting March 16, with a focus on
       - Precision nutrition

       - The role of specialty ad ditives

       - Responding to climate change 

       - Rising to the sustainability challenge


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