February 9, 2024


Philippines looks to reach 100% fish sufficiency by 2028 through production initiatives




The Philippines' Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) is set to ramp up its fish production initiatives to achieve 100% fish sufficiency by 2028.


"Committed to steering our nation towards a sustainable future, we at BFAR are confident that our concerted efforts will lead to a bountiful harvest and secure a self-sufficient future for all," said BFAR national director Atty Demosthenes Escoto in a statement on February 7.


One of the strategic plans the bureau is considering is the reduction of post-harvest losses of fish and fishery products. Other measures being considered by the BFAR include the distribution of new fiberglass-reinforced plastic boats, fishing gear and paraphernalia to fishermen.


The bureau will also establish mariculture parks, reassess and maintain existing mariculture parks, and develop and recommend supplemental guidelines for the operation and management of legislated hatcheries.


In addition to production, BFAR plans to modernise post-harvest and cold chain technologies in fisheries facilities and create common shared service facilities for fish and fishery products.


In terms of marketing, the bureau said that it is looking into creating commodity-specific marketing plans, facilitating direct linkage between fisherfolk borrowers and financing institutions, and maximising the utilization of government assets.


BFAR will also fully implement the Philippine Fisheries and Coastal Resiliency Project and the Special Area for Agricultural Development Project.


"All these measures align with the enduring vision of the (Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr) Administration of building a self-sufficient nation," Escoto added. "Food fish sufficiency is more than just sustenance on our tables; it embodies a nation's inherent resilience in the face of challenges and serves as a bedrock for prosperity and the overall well-being of our people."

- Inquirer