February 5, 2024


Zamboanga city, Philippines aims to shift ASF classification from pink to green


The Office of the City Veterinarian (OCVet) in Zamboanga city, Philippines, is in the process of compiling necessary documentation to request a downgrade in the African Swine Fever (ASF) categorisation from the current pink zone to yellow and, ultimately, to the green zone, Sunstar reported.


Dr Mario Arriola, Chief of OCVet, announced that the office would be submitting the required documents to the country's Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Animal Industry (DA-BAI). This initiative is prompted by the absence of new ASF cases in Zamboanga city since the previous year.


Zamboanga city, along with 394 other cities and municipalities nationwide, saw a downgrade from the red (infected) zone to the pink (buffer) zone in the ASF Zoning Map and Zoning Status as of November 7, 2023. This shift was in accordance with the Amended National Zoning and Movement Plan for the Prevention and Control of ASF by the DA-BAI.


As outlined in a memorandum dated November 7, 2023, DA-BAI Director Paul Limson circulated the updated Zoning Map and Zoning Status to all concerned local government units. The categorisation was based on the zoning plan, incorporating new ASF-affected areas reported to the DA-BAI between October 4 and November 7, 2023.


Dr Arriola said that, according to the memorandum, 395 cities, including Zamboanga city, and municipalities were downgraded from the red to the pink zone, while 72 others were elevated from pink to yellow.


-        Sunstar