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BIOMIN has launched a new mycotoxin and endotoxin deactivation product designed specifically for broilers and fatteners, thus rounding out its Mycofix portfolio.

"We are always looking for innovative ways to serve the full range of our customers' needs. With this latest addition to the Mycofix range, we now have a full toolbox of advanced solutions for broiler and finishing pig producers," said Ursula Hofstetter, head of global product management for mycotoxins at BIOMIN. "More of our customers are becoming aware of the effects that mycotoxins can have in fattening animals. Although fattening animals have shorter lifespans than breeding animals, mycotoxins can still have devastating effects on animals and, consequently, on producers' profits."

A variety of mycotoxins are found in broiler and finishing pig feedstuffs at levels below regulatory limits and guidance levels. Even below these limits, mycotoxins can have damaging effect on animal health, welfare and performance.

Mycotoxins target gut integrity and allow the entrance of pathogens in the intestinal track, resulting in decreased nutrient uptake and less weight gain.

"In addition to damaging gut integrity, mycotoxins can disrupt herd and flock uniformity, damage the immune system and contribute to vaccine failure and increase bacterial contamination of carcasses," said Hofstetter.

In addition, high endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide, or LPS) loads in an animal's gastrointestinal tract contribute to inflammation, effectively wasting energy that would otherwise go towards growth.

Given the impacts of varying levels and combinations of mycotoxins, BIOMIN offers a complete mycotoxin risk management toolbox under the Mycofix® umbrella, that is proven to deliver return on investment in commercial operations.

"It's important for products to be targeted to the animal and its stage of life as well as the specific types of mycotoxins present," said Hofstetter. "We pride ourselves in helping our customers determine the level and type of mycotoxin threat faced by their animals and helping them choose the right scientifically-sound solution based on their unique needs."

The Mycofix line utilises three mechanisms - adsorption, biotransformation and bioprotection - to guard against the harmful effects of mycotoxins as well as endotoxins. The newly launched Mycofix PRO-tect joins Mycofix Select, Mycofix Focus as the solutions best adapted to fattening animals.

The Mycofix product line constitutes the only mycotoxin risk management solution backed by six EU authorisations, ensuring the components are both safe and effective, BIOMIN said.

BIOMIN representatives and technical experts will provide proper recommendations based on individualised assessments, matching the correct Mycofix® solution - including both product and dosage - to a challenge on a producer's site. This ensures the best outcome for the animals and the best return on investment for the producer.

"At the end of the day, we're not just supporting the well-being of animals; we're supporting the well-being of our customers too," said Hofstetter. "We're proud that we're able to offer Mycofix products, science-backed solutions that offer absolute protection against mycotoxins and endotoxins, that benefit both animals and producers."


Visit BIOMIN at: www.biomin.net


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