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June 25, 2020


China's agriculture ministry approves first domestic GM soybean import for livestock feed use


Two genetically modified (GM) soybean varieties have been approved by China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, including one developed by Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group, the first Chinese engineered soybean approved for import, Reuters reported. 


The Dabeinong-developed DBN-Ø9ØØ4-6 glufosate and glufosinate-resistant soybean is produced in Argentina through an agreement with Bioceres, an Argentinan biotechnology company.


A Dabeinong spokesman said safety approval for the soybean variety was granted by Argentinian authorities in February 2019, but it was not planted pending approval from China.


Now that approval has been granted, production can begin for soybean seed.


The other soybean seed variety granted approval was developed by Monsanto Far East, a company owned by Bayer. It is insect-resistant.


Six other GM corn varieties and another soybean crop were approved for safety certificate renewals. These were developed by Monsanto Far East, Dow AgroSciences (now owned by Corteva), and Syngenta.


All approved crops will be used as livestock feed. Approvals will last for five years beginning June 11, 2020.


In January, two GMO corn varieties were granted safety certificates, one of them developed by Dabeinong. Before they can be grown domestically, the corn varieties need to pass two more regulatory steps.


Bioceres' HB4 drought-resistant soybean variety is seeking approval for export to China.  


-      Reuters

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