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February 5, 2020


Vietnam becomes stricter with use of ethoxyquin in fish food manufacture



Vietnam will impose stricter control on the use of ethoxyquin as additive in the production of aquafeed to ensure stability in seafood exports to the European Union, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Viet Nam News reported.


Ethoxyquin is an anti-oxidant used in the preservation of fish meal, and most countries set its maximum residue limits (MRL) between 77 ppm (parts per million) and 150ppm.


The EU will, however, ban the use of ethoxyquin as additive in the manufacture of feed and feed materials for all animals, including aquatic products, starting April 1, according Trần Đình Luân, director of the MARD's directorate of fisheries.


The ban on the use of ethoxyrin in feed is due to fears that it poses a risk to human and animal health, as well as the environment.


Deputy Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Phùng Đức Tiến has asked feed producers to review the use of ethoxyquin according to the requirements of export markets, especially the EU, which is one of Vietnam's largest seafood export markets.


The EU was the largest export market of Vietnamese shrimp in 2019, with export value of about US$700 million, accounting for 21% of total seafood export value, according to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP). It was also the third-largest export market for Vietnamese pangasius, with export value of $227 million, accounting for 11.5%.


VASEP, meanwhile, said MARD should propose the EU consider the use of ethoxyquin in feed materials within limits.


In Vietnam, the maximum residue limit of ethoxyquin for seafood products is 150 ppm, while the permissible limits of this substance for Vietnamese export seafood products in South Korea and Japan are 0.01 ppm and 0.2 ppm, respectively.

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