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February 4, 2020


Balchem Animal Nutrition & Health launches PuraChol choline chloride line


The new PuraChol line is available in multiple forms and carrier options and adheres to rigorous quality testing protocols, the company's complete supply chain control and product manufacturing in world-class production facilities.



Balchem Corporation launched the new PuraChol line of branded choline products. As the global leader in choline production, Balchem has invested more than 50 years in research, manufacturing advances, raw ingredient testing and supplier relationship development to deliver the highest quality, purest choline chloride possible.


Available in multiple forms and carrier options, PuraChol is offered as:

• Liquid or dry formulations

• Non-grain, non-GMO

• Silica carrier

• Organic carrier

• Concentrations ranging from 50% to 75%


Jonathan Griffin, Vice President, GM of Balchem Animal Nutrition & Healthsaid though the name PuraChol is new; customers can continue to expect the same premier quality and high standards they've come to know from Balchem. He added that Balchem is building on its long and distinguished history of scientific and manufacturing excellence with added transparency in our quality testing processes and enhanced supplier quality agreements; all to deliver a line of choline products with unmatched purity, safety and consistency.


By adhering to rigorous quality testing protocols, maintaining complete supply chain control and manufacturing our products in world-class production facilities, our customers can be confident in PuraChol's purity. Balchem's extensive QC testing program analyses raw materials and finished goods for a range of contaminants including dioxins, mycotoxins, pathogens and pesticides to ensure product quality and purity. Beginning in February 2020, Balchem will release the results of this testing program to customers on a quarterly basis.


The PuraChol difference extends beyond product-based characteristics to include intangibles like the consumer-driven areas of social responsibility, industry research support and environmental stewardship.


Balchem has taken the lead on choline research in both the human and animal sectors, establishing a scientific advisory board to help direct research toward better understanding of choline's role in infant cognition, age-related cognitive decline and liver health in humans while seeking to better understand the impact of choline on epigenetic expression in animals.


To learn more about the new PuraChol choline line, Balchem's new supplier code of conduct and sustainability report, visit Balchem.com.

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